Tie Breaking

Each series director is responsible for establishing their series criteria for breaking ties, The USASA has no formal Tie Breaking procedure, however the Rocky Mtn Series employs the following methodology:  

  1. Direct Comparison of finish results  Rider A has a 1st, 2nd & 4th Rider B has a 1st, 2nd & 3rd Rider B wins tie breaker via direct comparison of finish results (3rd beats 4th)
  2. IF RIDERS ARE STILL TIED go to the Judges Sheets and get the scores for the two events that were used to calculate the rank and perform a Sum of Ranked Scores comparison.   
  3. Sum of Ranked Scores  Rider A has scores of 24.6 + 20.9 = 45.5 Rider B has scores of 18.6 + 31.6 = 50.2   Rider B wins the tie breaker based upon the Sum of Ranked Scores.
  4. If still tied after the Sum of Ranked Scores, I add the next highest score from the next highest rank that was not used in the regional ranks in order to break the tie.
  5. If that fails to break the tie, I have a dart board that I use.  It never fails!
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