2017-2018 Official Rules

OFFICIAL RULES - 2017 / 2018 USASA Rocky Mountain Series

1. HOW TO ENTER: In accordance with the schedule listed on the website. A contestant can enter a Contest by completing the appropriate Entry Form and the Affidavit of Eligibility and Liability/Publicity Release (to be signed by contestant's parent or legal guardian if the contestant is under 18 years of age) and are available ONLY online during the registration process.   Registration for each event closes at MIDNIGHT the Wednesday evening before the contest at the latest.  Some venues are more popular than others and will sell out prior to the deadline.  There is no on-site registration for any Rocky Mountain Series events.  No late entries will be accepted.  No exceptions.

Be sure to register for events early to avoid disappointment.  More than enough events are scheduled to qualify for the National Championship just maybe not the contests you wanted to attend.

All riders must purchase their bib this season for $25 in order to compete in the USASA Rocky Mountain Series! This bib number will be assigned to the rider for each event for the entire season. Riders are encouraged to check the posted start lists and if there are no issues you are able to proceed to the venue gain immediate access to inspection/practice. Cash is king, however, cards are usually accepted/depends on the resort and its the only way you can pay for your bib. Bibs will be available for pickup and purchase prior to the first contest of the season.  Check the website for details when bibs will be ready for pickup!

• Eligibility requirements apply, see Rule 2a

2a. USASA ELIGIBILITY: The USASA Rocky Mountain Series events are open to all current USASA Members in the following age categories for snowboard and freeskiers / both men and women:

Ruggie (7 under), Grommet (8-9) Menehune (10-11)
Breakers (12-13) Youth (14-15) Juniors (16-17)
Jams (18-22) Senior (23-29) Master (30-39)
Legend (40-49) Kahuna (50-59) Methuselah (60 & over)
Open Class Adaptive Intellectually Disabled Snowboard 

First time competitors, new to the USASA and registering for boardercross & skiercross only, are encouraged to compete in their age class.  If you are moving up to in the open class, the competitor should have a demonstrated record of achievement in their USASA AGE CLASS or a history of USSA / NORAM / FIS experience before competing moving up to the Open Class. 

Requests to be moved to the OPEN Class must be made in advance, prior to registering for an event.

‣NO "DAY OF" REQUESTS will be considered or granted. NO EXCEPTIONS

Refund Policy:

Entry fees will be refunded only if requested 24 hours prior to the close of registration. Participants must have valid medical reason and each case will be reviewed. Refunds are at the sole discretion of CMSS LLC. Riders are required to provide proof of medical excuse and each case will be reviewed.  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to submit medical information.  A $15.00 processing fee per entry will apply to all refunds, however, we'll gladly transfer your entry fee to any other Rocky Mountain Series event and waive the fee.

* Scheduled events are subject to change.  Refunds will not be considered for contests that we have already started or have been re-scheduled due to weather.

3. HOST PARK RULES: These rules are general guidelines for competing at a Rocky Mountain Snowboard Series Event. Rules are subject to change and can be different at each park. Violations are subject to disqualification and forfeiture of entry fees. The Rocky Mountain Snowboard Series and its host parks reserve the right amend the rules if need be.

• Competitors must be current USASA Members
• Competitors / Coaches may be required to provide to show PROOF of USASA, USSA / FIS Membership & or Accreditation in order to gain access to a venue.  The burden of proof is that of the competitor & or coach.
• All contestants must wear an approved for snowsports helmet.
• Helmet mounted cameras are not allowed. 
• All USASA contestants MUST attend the Mandatory riders briefing at the top of the course
• Cursing, fighting or rough play is not acceptable at any Rocky Mountain Snowboard Series event.
• All contestants must respect the direction of the Rocky Mountain Snowboard Series staff.
• Please respect other riders, as to avoid collisions.
• Smoking (of anything) or alcoholic beverages at any of the venues is not allowed.
• Competitors may be required to pay a one-time park usage fee prior to being able to gain access to certain features at various terrain parks if the rider wishes to practice prior to the day of the contest. Competitors will not be subject to usage fees the day of a contest.

4. DISQUALIFICATION: A competitor shall be disqualified and will forfeit their entry fee:

• For not wearing a helmet or if a helmet comes off during a run (broken helmet consideration)
• If there is an infraction under:

USASA Rulebook Click on the link to access the rule book
USASA / IOC / USADA Doping Rules Click on the link to access the rule book

• If false information is presented to the USASA, the Series Director, any official or the Organizing Committee.
• For unsportsmanlike conduct including but not limited to:

‣ for not wearing an approved helmet
‣ for using a helmet-mounted camera
‣ foul or obscene language
‣ making foul or obscene gestures toward USASA judges or officials
‣ shadowing a competition course
‣ coach/parent shadowing with a competitor
‣ modifying the setting of a competition area
‣ disrupt an event by destructive means, such as destroying or moving a safety fence or changing a gate setup
‣ competing in a bib # other than assigned on the start list or letting another competitor compete for them
‣ borrowing or lending of bibs
‣ For intentionally pushing, holding, or hitting another rider in boardercross.  The rider will not be allowed to start in the next event of the same level or above
‣ A rider disqualified (for pushing, holding, or hitting) will not be allowed to advance to a further round of this race and may be sanctioned.
‣ A rider disqualified (for pushing, holding or hitting) will not receive any rank or points at the race in which the infraction occurred. If this occurs during a KO Final the offending rider will be listed at the end of all other riders in the KO Final but with 0 rank and 0 points.
‣ In the eventuality of a rider being disqualified for "pushing, holding, or hitting" the heat in which the infraction occurred can be re-run with ALL the riders excluding the disqualified rider.

• For not wearing a bib properly during inspection, competition, or official training
• Accepting assistance during a run
• For not starting properly
• For not passing the finish line with at least one foot fixed in a binding at Alpine and BoarderCross races
• For not respecting the host resort regulations.

5.  CONTEST INFORMATION: At the times as set forth on the posted start list, eligible contestants will have the opportunity to participate in a warm-up / course inspection.

Judges will have extensive snowboarding experience, knowledge of current snowboarding trends, will hold current USASA / IJC Judges Certification.  Judges will NOT have a relationship with any of the contestants.  Judges may be nominated by the Coaches Committee to fill vacancies prior to an event. Each class will be judged separately based on the same criteria as outlined in Rule 6.

At each USASA event, three (3) winners will be selected from each of the age classes among all of the eligible contestants in each such class. Selection of the winners will be determined at the sole discretion of the Judges. Contestants will be advised of any additional rules pertaining to the contest prior to participation.

• Judging Criteria / Overall Impression

‣ Overall Style
‣ Landing
‣ Variety of Tricks and Park Usage
‣ Amplitude
‣ Technical Difficulty
‣ Consistency
‣ Attitude

Each judge will rate each contestant as to which contestant he/she feels best meets all criteria as set forth above, including notes on each contestant. Freestyle scoring is based on a score of 100 points assigned by each judge, averaged by the number of judges on the panel. Example - (100 x 4) / 4 = 100

• Scoring: At the conclusion of each contest, the head judge will meet with the judges to review their ratings and comments and then choose the winner(s) for each class as a group.  Un-official scores will be posted online at each venue and are subject to error and change.  Official scores/results will be posted as designated on the official start lists.

• Prizes: Medals will be awarded to the (3) winners from each of the age classes for both men and women.  In the event of a cash purse, the prize winner will be solely responsible for paying all applicable federal, state and local taxes on prize(s); if applicable, the winner may receive an IRS Form 1099 for the prize retail value. All contestants, as a condition of entry, agree to be bound by these Official Rules and the decisions of the judges that shall be final and binding.

7. WINNER NOTIFICATION: The results of each contest will be posted at the official designation once the judges have selected the winners.


  • Best 2 out of 2 Series results will be used to calculate division winners for rj, gs & sl
  • Best 2 out of 3 Series results will be used to calculate division winners for hp & ss
  • Best 3 out of 4 Series results will be used to calculate division winners for sbx/sx

Tie Breaking Procedures: Ties are broken using the best result, 3rd best result, 4th best result (if available) then total points.
Division Winners are the only athletes awarded a guaranteed spot to compete at the 2018 National Championships.
2017 National Overall & Venue Champions are automatically "pre-qualified" for the 2018 National Championships.

9. RELEASE OF LIABILITY: All winners, by acceptance of a prize, agree to release the applicable Resorts, CMSS LLC., the Sponsors and their Promotion Parties from any and all liability, claims or actions of any kind whatsoever for injuries, damages or losses to persons and property which may be sustained in connection with the receipt, ownership or use of the prize or from any prize-related activity or any typographical or other error in these Official Rules or in the announcement or offering of any prize. Sponsors make no representation or warranty of any kind concerning the appearance, performance or safety of any prize. Winner bears all risk of loss or damage to prize after it has been delivered. Upon request, winners must consent (and confirm such consent in writing) to the use of their name, voice, picture or other likenesses in any without compensation for promotional purposes in all media as determined by Sponsor.

• All protests must be submitted in writing on the form provided by the Series Director along with the appropriate deposit.
• A protest that is not submitted within the required period of time or without a deposit shall be invalid when received.
• The deposit will be returned to the competitor if the protest is upheld, otherwise, it will be forfeited to the sanctioning body.
• Only a USASA competitor, Certified USASA Coach or USASA Riders Representative are authorized to present a protest.
• Protest payments must be in cash
• Any protest against another competitor shall be invalid. An exception exists in BoarderCross where:

‣ A rider intentionally obstructs to gain an advantage (pushes, holds, or hits) over the opponent, this is considered as an "obstruction fault"

Types of Protests



Submittal Settlement
Start List $100 Riders Meeting Verbal / TS Startlist
Course $100 30 minutes after start of course inspection Written/ TS Posted on Official Notice Board
Disqualification $100 15 minutes after official posting Written/ TS Posted on Official Notice Board
Timing / Tabulation $100 15 minutes after official posting Written/ TS Posted on Official Notice Board
Jury Decision / Sanction $100 24 hours after official posting Written/ TS Posted on Series Website

Settlement of Protests
• Responsibility
‣ The Jury, consisting of the TS, the Series Director, Head Referee or Head Judge, Starter and Finish Referee has the responsibility to issue a ruling on protests. They shall announce at the Riders' meeting the time and place for such determinations.
• Evidence
‣ In making its determination, the Jury shall include statements from officials who worked at the competition and others whom it considers to have pertinent information.
• Final Decision
‣ Only members of the jury will be present when they make a final decision on a protest.
The Series Director will act as chairperson of this meeting. Minutes shall be kept at this meeting and they must be signed by the TS. The decision requires a majority of all voting members of the Jury, whether or not they are present. In case of a tie, the TS's vote shall be the deciding vote. Jury decisions are final.
• Disciplinary Sanctions by the Jury
‣ The Jury may impose disciplinary sanctions for the duration of a competition, the event, or the remainder of the season. The Series Director may impose disciplinary sanctions for the duration of a competition, the event, or the remainder of the season. All sanctions will be communicated in writing to the Competitor and to the USASA Executive Director.

The Rocky Mountain Series and its Host Resorts reserve the right amend this list of rules if required.

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