Getting Started

How to get started with competitive Snowboarding & Freeskiing!

The USASA Rocky Mountain Snowboard & Freeskier Series offers opportunities for riders & skiers of all ages to compete against one and other in Slopestyle, Boarder & Skier Cross, Halfpipe, RailJams, GS & SL (snowboard only).   Snowboarding and freeskiing is not just about competing.  It's important that you're having fun playing with your toys before you start down the competition path.  It is a tough road, a lot of waiting around.  If you're not ready to compete it might be better for you to spend more time practicing and honing your skills with a club or a coach until you're ready to show us what you've got.  There are some very good development programs here in the Rocky Mountain's, please feel to e-mail if you're in need of some guidance.

Competitive snowboarding and freeskiing have certain inherent risks that participants and parents alike should recognize. These hazards include, but are not limited to changes in weather or snow conditions, natural and man-made obstacles, structures, and features, equipment failure, high-speed collisions with objects and structures, variations in steepness of the terrain, being struck by other skiers/riders or equipment, and exceeding one’s own ability. Participants should recognize that competitive snowboarding and freeskiing might be more hazardous than participating in the sport recreationally. The risk of severe injury, permanent disability or death is present when engaging in these activities and the risk of severe economic and property loss and damage exists in all training and competition locations and activities.

But if you're good to go, been working hard in the park & pipe, got some spins down solid, sliding the rails is cake and now you want to throw down in one of the local contests!  Here's what you'll need to do beforehand and what you can expect.

Before you can register for an event:

To compete in the USASA events at the Rocky Mountain Series you need to be USASA member registered with the Rocky Mountain Series.  The only way to join the USASA is online, go to for more information or to join/renew today!

You must hold the proper credentials in order to compete in an event.  There is NO ONSITE membership registration for the USASA.  This membership must be obtained well in advance of a contest, so don't wait until the week before the date.

The burden of membership proof is on the athlete.  It is strongly suggested that you bring your membership cards with you when attending a riders meeting or picking up your bib.  If your membership is in question, you will NOT be allowed to compete.

We will be using the Black & Red bibs that we used for the 2016/17 Season.  

All riders must purchase their bib if they need one for $25 in order to compete in the USASA Rocky Mountain Series! This bib number will be assigned to the rider for each event for the entire season. Riders will no longer be required to check in and are able to gain immediate access to the venue to begin inspection/practice. Cash is king (cards are accepted / depends on the resort) and its the only way you can pay for your bib. Bibs will be available for pickup and purchase prior to the first contest of the season.  Check the website for details when bibs will be ready for pickup!

The Rocky Mountain Series hosts numerous events all season long.  If you want to see how you measure up against the best athletes in North America with an opportunity to qualify for the USASA Nationals at Copper in the spring, you'll want to register for USASA events!  This is a great spot to start!

1. HOW TO ENTER: In accordance with the schedule listed on the website. A contestant can enter a Contest by completing the appropriate Entry Form and the Affidavit of Eligibility and Liability/Publicity Release (to be signed by contestant’s parent or legal guardian if the contestant is under 18 years of age) and are available ONLY online during the registration process.   Registration for each event closes at MIDNIGHT the Wednesday evening before the contest.  Be sure to register early to avoid disappointment.

2. USASA ELIGIBILITY: The USASA Rocky Mountain Series events are open to all current USASA Members in the following age categories for both snowboarders and freeskiers / both genders:

Ruggie (7 under), Grommet (8-9) Menehune (10-11)
Breakers (12-13) Youth (14-15) Juniors (16-17)
Jams (18-22) Senior (23-29) Master (30-39)
Legend (40-49) Kahuna (50-59) Methuselah (60 & over)
Open Class Adaptive Intellectually Disabled Snowboard 

‣ First time competitors, new to the USASA and registering for boardercross & skiercross only, are encouraged to compete in their age class.  If you are moving up to in the open class, the competitor should have a demonstrated record of achievement in their USASA AGE CLASS or a history of USSA / NORAM / FIS experience before competing moving up to the Open Class. 

‣ Requests to be moved to the OPEN Class must be made in advance, prior to registering for an event.

‣NO "DAY OF" REQUESTS will be considered or granted. NO EXCEPTIONS

Refund Policy:

Entry fees will be refunded only if requested 24 hours prior to the close of registration. Participants must have valid medical reason and each case will be reviewed. Refunds are at the sole discretion of CMSS LLC. Riders may be required to provide proof of medical excuse and each case will be reviewed.  A $15.00 processing fee per entry will apply to all refunds, however, we'll gladly transfer your entry fee to any other Rocky Mountain Series event and waive the fee.

3. 9 & Under Free: Ruggies and Grom's compete for FREE in each and every Rocky Mountain Series RJ, SS, BS, GS or SL contest this 2017/18 season with your Paid USASA membership.  

SBX / SX is NOT a 9 & Under Free event.  All competitors must register and pay an entry fee for SBX / SX.  Contest registration (for free or paid events) is the exact same way as everyone else:

  • online only
  • closes at midnight the Wednesday evening before an event
  • no onsite / day of registration
  • purchase a bib ($25)
    • 9 & Under competition program may be adjusted/shortened to accommodate paid competitors

 4. Adaptive Free: Adaptive snowboarders compete for FREE in each and every Rocky Mountain Series SS, GS, SL or SBX and Adaptive Freeskiers compete for FREE in each and every Rocky Mountain Series SS, HP & SX contest this 2017/18 season with your Paid USASA membership.  All competitors must register online.  Contest registration (for free or paid events) is the exact same way as everyone else:

  • online only
  • closes at midnight the Wednesday evening before an event
  • no onsite / day of registration
  • purchase a bib ($25)
  • adaptive competition program may be adjusted/shortened to accommodate paid competitors

The Rocky Mountain Snowboard Series and its host resorts, reserve the right to amend this list of rules if required.


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