Once again you make us great

USASA Nat 2014 25th

The Rocky Mountain Series gets the job done like no other series on the planet. 


2014 Snowboard & Skier Medals:

53 Gold, 44 Silver & 39 Bronze totaling an RECORD 136 medals, twice as many medals at the National Championships than any other USASA series in the nation.  For the tenth consecutive season,  the Rocky Mountain Series snowboarders & skiers have set the bar high, adding another nationals to the record books and making this season one that you all should truly be proud of.

Lets not forget that each and every Rocky Series member contributed to this accomplishment.  Its not a "walk in the park" at our local events, every regional podium finish is hard fought, well earned & deserved.  Its no wonder that other series riders stop in at our events to see how the measure up against you!

Its because of your efforts all season long that we've been able to get into the record books season after season.  CONGRATULATIONS you all are awesome!

RockyMtnSeries2014 USASA National Championship Medals
82 Snowboard Medalists  54 Skier Medalalists
32 Gold Medals 21 Gold Medals
28 Silver Medals 16 Silver Medals
22 Bronze Medals 17 Bronze Medals

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Thanks again for a great 2013/14 season and to your continued support in 2013/14!


Coaches Certification

We're stoked on all of the coach cert clinics we got in this fall and early winter and appreciate you all being on the ball and filling in your coach friends. It's really important that we have certified coaches on USASA venues. We're trying to arrange more clinics for those who have slipped through the cracks.

The best way you can help get your peers certified is to help coordinate. Contact local clubs, arrange a group and venue, and contact Marie Basil at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Let's get this done ASAP as the WILL NOT be a last minute coach cert at Copper this season- we don't have a mad rush and disappointed coaches and athletes before Nationals, so let's work together now!

Safe travels

KC Gandee